Bartlett Circle Units

Your Residence at Bartlett Circle.

Built in 1975 our units have all gone through updates and renovations to keep them in great condition and offer our tenants comfort of the modern conveniences you would expect, and we will continue to make improvements.

Example Unit

Bartlett Circle is a 28-unit complex of single-floor one and two bedroom apartments built around a central community building. Since opening, the Bartlett Circle's operating budget has been funded solely by rents. Each unit is approximately 550 square feet, not including closets and the hallway.

Living Room – 165 sq. ft

Kitchen – 144 sq. ft

Bedroom – 120 sq. ft

Bath – 88 sq. ft

Bartlett Circle Exterior
Bartlett Circle room schematic
Living Room Living room
Kitchen Kitchen
Bedroom Bedroom
Bathroom Bathroom